Wishing Upon a Michelin Star in Macau

That evening we head to Coloane Island, an area that people know as the lungs of Macau. Although just 10 minutes away from the hotel this sleepy, lovely small island seems like an entire world away from the bright lights of Macau and the casinos (the latter which we’ve very easily avoided). The population of Coloane is just over 9,000 and there are vast areas of greenery and bushland. There are plenty of walks and beaches here and many visit from Macau and Hong Kong for the peacefulness and tranquility.


First things first: a stop to Lord Stowe Bakery for what is said to be the best Portuguese custard tarts in Macau. There is such a demand for them that they always seem to be pulling out a batch from the oven so that they are sold warm. One bite into the silky custard and flakey pastry and you can see why there is such a fuss.


They are simply heaven and as soon as I finish one, I want another as I don’t want it to end. This particular recipe was developed by “Lord” Andrew Stow who has passed on now and his sister runs the bakery. He wasn’t an actual lord but the nickname was given to him as he was British.


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